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Grade 12 student awarded four-year Morehead-Cain Scholarship

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Grade 12 student awarded four-year Morehead-Cain Scholarship

Congratulations to Dover Grade 12 student Kayris, scholar from the USA, who has been awarded a prestigious Morehead-Cain scholarship to attend the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill (USA). The four-year Morehead-Cain scholarships are awarded to exceptional high school graduates who meet criteria shaped around leadership and influencing change in their community, characteristics of courage, perseverance and humility, a demonstrated commitment to learning and to balancing intellectual rigour with curiosity while maintaining a balanced approach to physical fitness and wellbeing.

UWCSEA is one of only two nominating schools in Singapore, whose University Advising departments are able to nominate and endorse their students to apply for a scholarship. Varun Jain '17 was previously awarded the scholarship and went on to study a Bachelor of Science with a double-major in Computer Science and Mathematical Decision Sciences. 

Winning a Morehead-Cain scholarship is no mean feat. It is awarded to students of the highest calibre; a testament to Kayris’ exceptional abilities and work ethic. Whether in the classroom, a service group or in the boarding house, Kayris is known to be a natural leader and team player. She is enthusiastic when contributing to discussions, curious about the world around her and committed to excellence in her performance. In the words of her university advisor, Johanna Fishbein, “Everything Kayris does is exceptional, but she does it with a humility that makes you unsure if she knows just how incredible a person she really is.”

At UNC-Chapel Hill, Kayris plans to major in developmental biology and minor in neuroscience, with the intention of attending medical school after completing her undergraduate education. Her goal is to specialise as a pediatric surgeon, providing better standards of living for future generations. She grew up in military communities all over the world, and she quickly became an irreplaceable part of them all. After graduating from university, Kayris aspires to commission into the US military as a way of giving back to the community that raised her.

Kayris was initially drawn to UNC by the Morehead-Cain Scholarship. By the time she attended Morehead-Cain’s Finalist Weekend, she was certain this was where she belonged. “My time there truly sold me on the whole UNC experience: research, myriad extracurricular and academic activities, honors college, and the tight-knit Scholar family within the vibrant undergraduate community.”

She credits her time here at UWCSEA in helping her develop the skills and qualities to be a Morehead-Cain scholar. “UWCSEA provided me with the opportunity to learn from a diverse set of perspectives most do not have the chance to experience until university. I believe this has helped form me into the kind of well-rounded, open-minded individual UNC is looking for.” 

Her humility and gratitude are evident in her message to the community. “A huge thank you and big hugs to each and every member of the UWCSEA community who has supported me along the way: the boarding family, peers, UAC staff, administrators, teachers, and the wonderful Nicki Hambleton! Your mentorship means the world, and I look forward to remaining connected with the campus through you all.”

We wish Kayris all the best in her journey as a Morehead-Cain Scholar over the next four years and beyond.

14 Apr 2020
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