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G10 students complete CREST Award in STEM

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G10 students complete CREST Award in STEM

34 students from Grade 10 have submitted projects for the British Science Association’s Silver CREST Award. Projects have been on topics from “The Effect of Dye Effluence on Health and Environmental Systems” to “The Gliding Ability of Paper Planes” and required at least 30 hours of work for each student.

The students carried out this work independently and are assessed externally against strict criteria. A special mention to Anaelle Bijaoui, Elodie Jacqmin and Netraa Jain whose project on CRISPR was of such a high standard the assessor upgraded them to the Gold Award, usually reserved for students in G11 and above and requiring over 70 hours of work.

Congratulations to the following students for completing their projects:

Adrija Mazumdar, ChaeYeon Ryu, Akul Maheshwari, Taha Ebrahim, Anaelle Bijaoui, Elodie Jacqmin, Netraa Jain, Andrew Chin, Jishni Roychoudhury, Mihir Goyal, Harsha Vissa, Brandon Choo, Soumyaditya Choudhuri, Sahil Pandit, Bum Seok Lee, Timothy Gee, Mayu Inoue, Saiji Uehara, Isabelle Lean, Byori Kim, Cheng-Syun Lee, Deeksha Aachi, Noyonika Jain, Erynn Lau, Ian Yang, Kelly Ng, Vidushi , Krisha Dave, Stella Mackenzie, Stephanie Kim, Tanisha Sethi, Serena Liu, Sneha Pandey, Tania Gole.


22 Mar 2019
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