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Jansen, Grade 12 Student, Embarks on Epic 500km Solo Run for Cancer Research

Jansen, Grade 12
24 April 2024

In a testament to resilience, determination, and compassion, Jansen Jing, a Grade 12 student at UWCSEA Dover, undertook an extraordinary journey, covering a staggering 500 kilometres to raise funds for cancer research. This remarkable achievement, meticulously planned and executed in Japan, stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for his community and beyond.

Inspiration and Initiation

When asked about the inspiration behind his audacious endeavour, Jansen recounts a series of events that ignited his passion for ultra-running and philanthropy. Initially disappointed by the age restriction preventing him from participating in the Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon, Jansen stumbled upon a story in the New Yorker about an individual who ran 100 miles for teen mental health awareness. Intrigued by the concept of ultramarathons, he found himself drawn to the idea of pushing his physical and mental boundaries. Moreover, with a personal connection to cancer through his family, Jansen felt compelled to contribute to the cause. Thus, the seeds of his ambitious fundraising venture were sown.

On day two of their journey, spanning a lengthy 52 kilometres through mountainous terrain with no urban respite, they captured this sunset scene around the 40-kilometre mark, just after crossing from Shiga to Mie prefectures. Passing through the rustic town of Kameyama, Jansen was drawn to its quaint charm, despite delays caused by his father's car mishap in the mountains.

A Lesson in Resilience

Throughout his arduous journey, Jansen discovered profound lessons in resilience and the indomitable human spirit. Despite facing physical exhaustion and discomfort, he persevered, embodying the ethos of endurance sports. As Jansen reflects on his experience, he recalls moments of sheer determination when every step forward felt like a triumph over adversity. His mantra, borrowed from ultramarathon legend Dean Karnazes, encapsulates this ethos: "Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up."  This unwavering resolve not only propelled Jansen forward but also inspired those witnessing his journey.

Connecting Activism with Education

Jansen's initiative underscores the values instilled in him through his education at UWCSEA. The school's emphasis on social responsibility and activism provided the impetus for him to leverage his undertaking for the greater good. Recognising the privilege afforded to him, Jansen sought ways to give back to his community through his remarkable feat. His commitment to fundraising for cancer research exemplifies the school's ethos of making a positive impact on the world.

Community Engagement and Support

Beyond his solo endeavour, Jansen's involvement in student groups such as Green Campus underscores his dedication to community service. While he may not be a part of the track or cross country team due to his aversion to early morning training sessions, Jansen finds alternative avenues to contribute to his school community. His fundraising initiative garnered support from diverse groups of people, highlighting the power of collective action in driving meaningful change.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

For Jansen, the 500km run was not only a fundraising endeavour but also a journey of self-discovery. Through the solitude of long-distance running, he found clarity of mind and a newfound sense of confidence. Overcoming physical and mental barriers, he emerged from the experience transformed, with a deeper understanding of his capabilities and resilience.

As Jansen reflects on his monumental achievement, he expresses a willingness to undertake similar challenges in the future. The profound impact of his journey, both personally and philanthropically, fuels his desire to continue making a difference in the world. With the unwavering support of his community and the lessons learned from his journey, Jansen remains committed to creating positive change, one step at a time.

In conclusion, Jansen Jing's epic 500km solo run stands as a testament to the power of resilience, compassion, and community. His remarkable journey exemplifies the transformative potential of combining personal passion with social responsibility, inspiring others to push their boundaries and make a meaningful impact in the world. As a student of UWCSEA Dover, Jansen embodies the school's principles of service and global citizenship, leaving an indelible mark on his community and beyond.

This was his page on giving.sg to fundraise for NCCS. They did receive another $2000 after this picture was taken and it does not include the government matched amount.