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Gift of Stories: UWCSEA Scholar from Zimbabwe on her global influence and giving back to UWCSEA

UWCSEA Scholar from Zimbabwe and UWCSEA Communications team
20 September 2023

In our Gift of Stories series, we share more about our community’s spirit of giving, one story at a time. Join us as we discover how #UWCSEAGiving makes a difference.

To kickstart our latest series, we feature the inspiring story of a UWCSEA alumna and scholar from Zimbabwe, who is now a monthly supporter of our Scholarship Programme.With the foundation of an education from UWCSEA, she now works with various governments to push for international policy that advances the respect of human and environment rights in international trade and business. 

“The UWCSEA experience greatly shaped my life for the better and in turn encouraged me to better the lives of others. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to UWCSEA and other communities. 

Thank you. Ndatenda.”

She had this to say about her reasons for giving back. 

“As a way of showing my gratitude, I've begun to give small monthly donations. Although I will never be able to fully repay the experience I had at UWCSEA, I wanted to share my heartfelt thanks for all the education and support I received as well as highlight the positive impact it had on my life. I hope these monthly donations can help other students achieve their goals just as the donations of others helped me achieve mine.Though small in size, I know that combined with others’ contributions, this financial support can go far in opening up life changing opportunities for someone. ”

Her journey from Harare, Zimbabwe where she lived with her mother and two sisters, to a life with global influence, began after learning from the UWC National Committee of Zimbabwe that she was awarded a scholarship to study in Singapore.

“When I first heard that I had gotten the scholarship to UWCSEA, I knew my life was taking a whole new direction for the better. I felt I had gotten the opportunity to learn from the diverse culture of UWCSEA, the skills that I would use to make a change in my community back home. I knew then that this experience would be the turning point of my life.

The scholarship lightened the financial burdens which allowed me to focus more on the most important aspect of school – learning. Without this scholarship, I would not have the financial means to a world-class education and ultimately the global career that I have now."

UWCSEA Gift of Stories scholarship student group
UWCSEA Gift of Stories scholarship student group 2

This year, 102 scholars from 66 countries add to our rich cultural and intellectual diversity and enhance understanding for all

During her two years at UWCSEA, she fully embraced the opportunities available and explored academics, activities, service and societies, which gave her the space and time to learn and apply both critical thinking abilities and creativity. She joined the Taekwondo club and the Safuge Global Concern, attended yoga and swimming lessons, was a member of the Initiative for Peace, and volunteered during project week in the Philippines. She made a real difference to our school community and received the Creativity, Action and Service  Award for her outstanding contributions.

"Beyond the financial support, the non-financial support I received from teachers, career guidance counsellors, auxiliary staff and others went a long way in shaping my life and career choices. The UWCSEA staff truly embodied and demonstrated the school’s mission and values which I have in turn embodied in both my personal and work life. They made a considerate effort in teaching me how to be a global citizen, lead with impact, and leverage different disciplines to understand challenges and values that are impacting how I approach my life and work.

The impact of UWCSEA’s values influenced my decision to further my education at an undergraduate and graduate school that emphasised social justice and other values similar to those of UWCSEA."

After her studies at UWCSEA, this talented scholar alumna was awarded various scholarships to further her studies in the United States and Europe where she focused on pursuing a career in international policy.

“With the foundation of an education from UWCSEA, I now pursue a career where I influence global policies that govern international trade and business to ensure that they are inclusive and foster a sustainable future. I work with various governments to push for international policy that advances the respect of human and environment rights in international trade and business. Pursuing this line of work was heavily influenced by UWCSEA’s values of commitment, compassion, inclusion, integrity, openness, responsibility, and trust.”

This scholar’s journey to UWCSEA and beyond is an inspiring example of the impact of community giving and how gifts to the UWCSEA Scholarship Programme can support the growth and development of future changemakers. 

UWCSEA Scholar musical strings
UWCSEA East Scholar Santiago alumni
UWCSEA Scholar gardening activity
UWCSEA East scholar Justin football

Gifts to the Scholarship programme provide access to a life changing UWC education that opens doors to a future filled with possibilities and opportunities.  

#UWCSEAGiving represents a future with possibilities and potential, inspiring more young people like her to be the change they want to see in the world.

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*We have permission to share this scholar's story with our community, however she wishes to remain anonymous.

Impact Reports when she was a student at UWCSEA and reflections that she shared recently with the Foundation team.