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Fund-a-Flight: Bringing our families together to celebrate graduation

By UWCSEA Foundation Team
25 January 2024


Each year, community support through Fund-a-Flight enables the families of scholars to join in the celebration. This year, we are launching the Fund-a-Flight 2024 initiative in February to bring scholar families together for graduation on 18 May 2024.

Last year, with the incredible outpouring of support for flights, accommodations and other travel expenses from our giving community, 41 scholars were able to celebrate graduation with a family member by their side. In this article, five scholars from the Class of 2023 and their parents share their happiness and gratitude in coming together for this important event.

UWCSEA Fund-a-flight Scholars with their parents group photo

Tebogo Olatetse, scholar from Botswana

Fund-a-Flight Tebogo
Both my dad and I agreed that it was a really awesome experience, really heart warming and very exciting to have had my dad by my side! To all the donors and supporters of this wonderful initiative, thank you so much, “re a leboga”. It is such a great feeling!
Moses, her dad, added: “I had a really wonderful and lovely experience in Singapore,  everyone was really friendly and welcoming, especially the boarding house parents, they are doing a great job."

Nayely Tecú López, scholar from Guatemala

Fund-a-Flight Nayely

My biggest reflection was when I hugged my parents at the Singapore airport. Suddenly everything had so much value, every friendship, every achievement, they all had a story to tell that had changed me from the person I was when I left home. I finally allowed myself to feel pride, and with that pride came thankfulness and love for my time at UWCSEA.

Efrain and Nardita, Nayely’s parents shared their experience: "We had the opportunity to measure the quality of education that Nayely had, and the power to talk with many of her classmates in and outside the boarding house made us understand our daughter's future at university. It gave us the opportunity to appreciate the hard work of the entire support team during their stay over the last two years. We were by Nayely's side and shared in one of her greatest achievements. It's something we didn't think we could do."

Christian Santiago Urgiles Oleas, scholar from Ecuador

Fund-a-Flight Santi

Graduation was a wonderful experience and having my parents was such a pleasure, such an honour. I am glad that they came to see how I have grown up and to enjoy my graduation together. Thank you so much for supporting Fund-a-Flight!

Santi’s dad, Marco Antonio, expressed his thoughts during a conversation with him at the ceremony. "Graduation is a very important moment for our family. I am so happy to be here, to see how Santi has developed after attending UWCSEA. He worked hard to overcome many challenges and difficulties and I am proud of what he has accomplished!"

Matagari Ouattara, scholar from Burkina Faso

Fund-a-Flight Matagari

I have found a home here at UWCSEA with my amazing friends, teachers and houseparents, however, having a family member to celebrate my UWCSEA journey was heartwarming and truly unforgettable. Thank you so much to the supporters of “Fund-a-Flight”. You allowed me to finish my UWCSEA journey beautifully.

Olivier was equally joyful: "I was happy to celebrate the accomplishments of Matagari beside her. I am not always aware of what goes on at school as I used to when she was in Burkina Faso. So being here with her was heart filling and allowed me to understand her growth. I was thrilled to meet her friends and all the beautiful and compassionate people who have supported her throughout her two years at UWCSEA. I thanked them personally for their input in Matagari’s life."

Thao Nguyen, scholar from Vietnam

Fund-a-Flight Thao

I felt happy looking up from my seat in the graduation ceremony, knowing I will see my mum. At the end, when we graduates stood up and looked around to find the loved one who was cheering specifically for us, I feel that the experience would have been less joyous if my mom wasn’t there. Your support meant so much to me, and I am really grateful for being able to graduate with my mum by my side. Thank you!

On her experience in coming to Singapore, Trần Thị Lan shared: "Thank you for your great support! It was my first flight, and also my first time going overseas. I was so glad to be with Thao during this important milestone."

With your kindness and generosity, we can continue bringing scholar families together to celebrate graduation. Please give to Fund-a-Flight so all scholars will have the opportunity to graduate with a loved-one by their side.

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