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Through the lens: From teacher to student, follow Danielle and Febby as they turn expression into photography

Grade 12 student, Febby Nonde and Art and Photography teacher, Danielle Solk, UWCSEA Dover
11 January 2022

Grade 12 student, Febby Nonde and Art and Photography teacher, Danielle Solk, are among the artists who were featured in Singapore’s 'A Thousand Words: Photography in ConTEXT' exhibition.

The exhibition featured a diverse group of artists and photographers from Singapore’s vibrant community!

Connecting words with photographic images to discover and explore a constellation of ideas—the exhibition challenges us as an audience on our perception of varying modes of understanding and the negotiation complexities which follow.

Danielle explores photography as a vehicle for passion.

I hope that by seeing my work in an exhibition the students recognise that this is also a passion of mine and that photography can be used as a vehicle to express a meaning or story in a similar way to a painting.

I hope they want to learn more about conceptual and practical processes and that it opens their minds to other possibilities for their own work. 
– Danielle Solk, Art and Photography teacher

Image by Danielle Solk, Art and Photography Teacher at UWCSEA Dover Campus

The work was inspired by an excerpt from the book, “Why Fish Don’t Exist” by Lulu Miller. This can be read next to the work. Here is the extract I chose, “To get stuck on a single hierarchy is to miss the bigger picture, the messy truth of nature, the “whole machinery of life”. The work of good science is to try to peer beyond intuition, where something wilder lives. To know that in every organism at which you gaze, there is complexity you will never comprehend.”

She explained the medium of her preference: “It is a digital print on cotton rag paper. I enjoy using reflection in my photography as it creates multiple layers of imagery. I work in a similar way with my paintings and mixed media work, as I see the world as a multilayered place and I am interested in exploring different ways to show this. I hope the viewer makes up their own story from the image through finding connections to their personal experiences.

You can view her photography here.

Grade 12 student, Febby, explored the pathway of one’s own personal journey in her piece. 

When I was taking that picture one thing that was in my mind was how each of us is on our own path, and how we can perceive beauty of the path in a way that we choose. 

I intended to show the beauty of the mystery of our own personal journey not knowing what tomorrow will bring. 

The Image was inspired by "The Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead. The story of the journey of Cora the protagonist, it was inspiring for me to keep on going and we never know where the path would lead us. 

Image by Grade 12 student, Febby

One of the things I hope to accomplish is to share stories with the world through Photographs and Films. Hoping to deepen my knowledge when I attend university and major in Film and Media studies.

I hope that every image that is taken inspires someone to find beauty in day-to-day lives and also allows them to gaze with a reflective eye at their own life.

So I try to take as many pictures as I can, to show the beauty of our own space as the work and life becomes overwhelming for each one of us. 

– Febby, Grade 12 student