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ACSIS Sports Championships

By Swim and cross-country teams, East Campus
21 November 2022


The mission of the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) is to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to compete in a broad and balanced inter-school athletic programme that is an integral part of their educational experience. Win or lose, the ACSIS schools encourages student-athletes to provide a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship, and demonstrate respect for all. At recent ACSIS championship meets, East Campus students competed against students from other international schools in Singapore. Read on to find out how their experience at the swim and cross-country meets.


A team of 37 Dragon Swimmers competed in the ACSIS High School Swim Meet at Nexus International School. This year 15 Schools took part in the meet. Opening the day, our students placed a fantastic 2nd and 3rd place in the the Boys medley relay respectively for team UWCSEA East A and B teams. The team was launched by Terao (28.13), followed by Clements, Ghannam and Donov for a final time of 1:48.71, UWCSEA East team B composed by Lopin, Birch, Xu and Jochmann finished in 1:53.64.

Important scores gained in the Girls Medley Relay too with a good 6th place for the UWCSEA East team A ( Sorensen, Zhu, Palmer & Gritti). In the individual events the Dragons showed their best efforts in the water, swimming personal bests and scoring for the team. Luisa Palmer in the 100 backstroke finished 6th, an excellent race where she broke her personal best and her own school record in 1:09.80. The meet was cancelled due to weather conditions after the girls 200 IM, unfortunately the swimmers didn’t get the chance to swim boys 200 IM , 50 breaststroke and Freestyle relays. 

In the final rankings, UWCSEA East girls team took the 7th place with 97,6 points and the boys team took the second place after Nexus,  scoring 273 points. Congratulations to the Dragons that took home the third place in the combined ranking with 370,5 points. Second place goes to UWCsea Dover and first place to Nexus.

It was a day full of events, our swimmers enjoyed racing, they showed an amazing team spirit and swam at their best.

– Coach Ambra Migliori

This year was also some of the swimmers' last ACSIS, special thanks to Jhanvi, Natalie, Isabella, Rhea, Jasper, Kirill, Tomo, Angbo and Aaron for their contribution to the team’s success for many years.



It was race day on a recent Tuesday morning. It was sunny where puddles remained, caused by the thunderstorms that occurred the night before the race. Every member of the dragon’s cross country team was confident about their prospects of achieving a great result because they knew that the rigorous training they persevered through would eventually pay dividends to their race results. The runners and the coaches' efforts came down to this race as this was the biggest and most crucial race so far. Every single team member turned up to Bedok Reservoir on time at 7.30 am and were determined to run their best race. The formula for the race was simple: 5k race distance; 200 runners; 13 schools. This was a surreal moment for the coaches and runners because this was the first ACSIS race in four years owing to cancellations due to previous COVID-19 restrictions.

The pressure was obviously there for the runners and there were understandably some pre-race nerves among some of the team members. The coaches attempted to ease these nerves with their pre-race debrief. That was achieved through telling everyone to embrace the mental and physical challenges of the competition and just focusing on themselves. They reminded the team that this was the Dragon’s home turf, where they trained on every Tuesday and Thursday.

The surface of the loop was gravel which was definitely familiar to the UWCSEA Dragons. The officials handed out the leg tags which served as trackers and all runners were called to the start line. There were four categories: Under 19 Boys, Under 16 Boys, Under 19 Girls, Under 16 Girls. Under 19 Boys were going to be sent out first at 8.30am sharp and the other category of runners were sent out one minute apart in that order. The runners prepared their watches as the countdown had begun. 3-2-1-BLAWW! The airhorn had signalled the start of the race as the runners disappeared into the horizon. However, it was not smooth sailing as it was definitely warmer than expected and extremely humid. It was overall a hard race to pace due to the difficult conditions. In the end, all members of the Dragons team made it across the line. It was obvious that all the runners were parched at the end and full of thirst.

Thirty minutes later, there was the post-race presentations and awards ceremony where the race officials called out the winners. Our Under 19 girls category, UWCSEA Dragon runners came first and third in that category’s race classifications. That meant that UWCSEA had secured second place overall in the Under 19 girls category. In the boys Under 16 category, the Dragons achieved a third place overall ranking.

There was plenty to celebrate and there were plenty of learning opportunities for all the runners. Even though it was the near end of the season, every runner should be proud of the progress that they have made over the course of the season and pushing towards further improvement.

–Aarav, Grade 9 student