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Peace begins with us – UWCSEA celebrates UWC Day 2022

By UWCSEA Communications
22 September 2022

UWCSEA East UWC DAY 2022 group photo

“Peace begins with us” was the theme of this year’s UWC Day, celebrating the strength and diversity of the UWC movement and our mission for a more peaceful and sustainable future. UWC Day is the annual global celebration of the UWC mission and values, which takes place on 21 September every year, to coincide with the UN International Day of Peace. 

The day is celebrated by thousands of people worldwide, including students and staff at UWC schools and colleges, national committees, UWC alumni and friends. Both UWCSEA campuses had a full day of celebrations this year.East CampusEast Campus was decked out in national flags and our boarders made special decorations for this year, writing “Peace begins with us” in their native languages. These were hung up around campus, representing the diverse student body in our boarding house. Our boarding students also connected with students from other UWCs around the world – a wonderful symbol of our membership in the global UWC movement.

UWCSEA East Campus decorations flags UWC DAY 2022

Our High School students buddied up with Primary and Middle School students to make paper cranes and write haikus. The older students helped start conversations with the younger students around what peace means to them, and how we can reimagine peace for a better future. They also guided their peers in making paper origami cranes, a symbol of peace, which were then hung up around the campus.

To top it all off, during lunchtime, there were live band performances, circus tricks and a gymnastics showcase in the plaza. All the students (and staff!) had a blast, and cheers could be heard across the campus.

UWCSEA East UWC DAY 2022 buddy acttivities

Dover Campus

On Dover Campus, there was a full range of activities across grade levels. Grade 2 students had a singalong and our Grade 5 students took part in mulching activities with the help of our gardening team, learning sustainable eco-friendly practices. Middle School students had their Day of Sports practicing good sportsmanship and team building, skills important to community-building. 

Grade 5 student Mulching

Our High School students took part in a Collaborative 'Peace Day' Poles Clay Art Making workshop. They learned collaborative expression based on the theme of peace through the medium of clay to create a ceramic vessel using slab and hand-building techniques. This vessel will then be decorated with signs and symbols that celebrate the concept of peace. The final product, Peace Day Poles, will be displayed in the school gardens once complete. 

High School clay making workshop

Students also tried their hand at Zentangle drawing, to create beautiful images while enjoying increased focus, creativity, self-confidence and an increased sense of wellbeing and peace within oneself.

The Tent Plaza was packed with students engaged in activities in different parts, with Rangoli art on the floors by students, stage area where our lunchtime Peace Concert took place. There was also an activity for students to regenerate a planting area by the Tent Plaza, they transformed the space by adding some new plants which will make the planter very attractive, but will also contain many flowering species which will attract pollinators, such as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

Primary School activities on UWC Day

Across the College, Our Food Services provider Sodexo crafted a special UWC Day menu with peace-themed treats, complementing our daily international food menu along with a special food fair. It was also wonderful to see everyone in their cultural dress coming together to celebrate such a special day in our UWC calendar.

UWC Day is a moment to celebrate the strength and diversity of the UWC movement and our mission for a more peaceful and sustainable future through connecting and mobilising the UWC community globally. It serves as a chance to spread the word about UWC, our work and values. But it is also an opportunity to reflect on what we do as a movement, to determine how to be more effective changemakers, and to continue to challenge ourselves.

– UWC International