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Alumni News: February 2023 Edition

Welcome to the February edition of Alumni News! Scroll below to check out our latest stories!

Shasi Pinninti ‘22: Paying it forward

UAC Dover welcomed alumni back to campus just before Term 1 ended for their university fair in the Tent Plaza. They also hosted a university presentation by Shasi Pinninti '22 who spoke about UC Berkeley's M.E.T. (Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology) programme.

Shasi adds, “When I was in High School, I remember the in-person alumni visits being really helpful so I really enjoy sharing my experience with others as a way of paying it forward.”

Meher Pahuja ‘19:
Awarded at the 20th NYAA Gold Award Ceremony

Meher attended UWCSEA East from 2008-2019, during which she completed my NYAA Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards!

She adds, “I am thrilled to have been invited by the council to be presented the NYAA Gold Award by the President of the Republic of Singapore (Madam Halimah Yacob) and represent UWCSEA East for the same.”

Alumni February 2023: Shasi P 22

Vivek Venkatram ‘20: No mountain high enough

Vivek continues his service streak in his first year at University of Warwick by embarking on a charity expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, in partnership with Warwick Raising And Giving Society.

Vivek adds, “I am taking on the challenge of climbing Africa's highest peak and the world's highest freestanding mountain in support of Dig Deep, who believe that every resident in Kenya has a fundamental right to the provision of clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene.

In accordance with their 5-year Plan, DigDeep are focusing their efforts within Kenya’s Ndanai-Abosi Ward, to benefit 56,000 people.

Click here to understand my reasons for joining this cause and read more about DigDeep's critical work in Bomet County.”

Background: At the height of the pandemic, Vivek and four other friends from the Class of 2020 came together to develop an app called Can Mah! – a social initiative aimed at helping senior citizens out with their grocery shopping in Singapore. The app served its purpose for a good two years before ending in 2022.

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Vivek Mount Kilimanjaro
VivekV20 BirminghamStreetFundraising

Gabrielle Ho ‘20: Returning to East Campus

Alumni Fairs by University Advising are back and thriving! UAC East started Term 2 with a bang by hosting a virtual alumni presentation featuring alumni panelists for High School students thinking about their university applications. Our students also had the opportunity to meet about 20 alumni in person at the Tent Plaza so that they could approach them directly with questions and discuss their experiences.

Gaby Ho '20 was one of them and just started her internship at UWCSEA East in January through April in the departments of Economics, Global Politics and French.

How has it been returning to campus to work since graduating in 2020?

It’s been familiar yet unfamiliar. The buildings, classrooms, and food are the same but the faces have changed, and the friends I had at UWC are no longer here. It’s been strange adapting to being a colleague of some my ex-teachers, instead of a student.

Alumni News February 2023 Edition: Gaby '20

How do you find the recent UAC East Alumni Fair? Anything you enjoyed or surprised you in particular?

I loved catching up with all of my friends and even some people I never really talked to in high school. Everyone is on a different path and has such unique experiences!

It surprised me how many students were interested in my program. Europe was not a popular choice at all when I was in high school — most students would go to the US, UK, Australia, or their home countries for university. I didn’t expect to talk to that many people about what I’m doing!

What’s next for you?

I’m off to Tokyo to finish my program! I’m pursuing a double BA with Sciences Po and Keio in Economics and Sociology. I hope to return to my home country of the US to work in the State Department!

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