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East Campus' Southpaw Boxing and Kickboxing Club announces affiliation with the Kickboxing Federation of Singapore (KFS)

By Kris Leverton, Programme Director, Southpaw Boxing and Kickboxing
10 October 2021

UWCSEA East Campus is the first school in Singapore to affiliate with the Kickboxing Federation of Singapore. The KFS is a not-for-profit governing body for the sport of kickboxing in Singapore. They are members of the World Association Of Kickboxing Organization (WAKO) who are recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the official global governing body for the sport of Kickboxing. WAKO attained it’s IOC recognition recently on 20 July 2021, during the 138th IOC session held in Tokyo.

Kickboxing at UWCSEA East

Southpaw Boxing and Kickboxing club was founded by Coach Sul (Muhammad Sulaiman Bin Daud) and has been a staple part of the East Campus Activities programme for more than eight years. The team of coaches work with 100+ members over four weekly sessions each season, training students from Grade 2 upwards (including parents). Southpaw began life as a boxing and muay thai club, but has recently transitioned toward a kickboxing style. The kickboxing style allows for a more structured and student friendly approach to martial arts training, with many more options for students progression, leadership and even service. The new affiliation with KFS means that Southpaw members will have the opportunity to join the KFS in community outreach activities, competitions for all levels, coaching certifications and much more. 

UWCSEA East Southpaw boxing club students sparring

With kickboxing gaining full Olympic recognition earlier this year, interest in the sport, especially in the area of youth development, has grown significantly and will continue to do so in the coming years. Southpaw Boxing and Kickboxing is very proud to be part of this growth and we look forward to many exciting developments and opportunities for our students in the future. 

What is kickboxing?

Kickboxing is simply a combination of boxing and kicking based martial arts such as karate, muay thai and taekwondo etc. Kickboxing competitors have the option to test themselves under many different rule sets, from non contact artistic performance to full contact competition. As a result, kickboxing is a truly international martial art, recognising the importance and validity of all striking styles. It is also a very accessible and inclusive option for people of all ages and physical ability. This makes it a perfect fit for schools and youth level.

There are seven disciplines in WAKO, four on the Tatami and three on the Ring, namely:

Tatami Sports

  1. Point Fighting

  2. Light Contact

  3. Kick Light

  4. Musical Forms (non-combative)

Ring Sports

  1. Low Kick

  2. Full Contact

  3. K-1 Style

Kickboxing generally includes a grading or belt system, similar to that of karate or taekwondo. At Southpaw Boxing and Kickboxing we have introduced a new grading system for this school year. Our system is similar to that of a coloured belt system, but uses coloured T-shirts to signify level.

UWCSEA East Southpaw boxing club students sparring

For more information on kickboxing in Singapore, visit  the KFS website

“We are ecstatic to have Southpaw Boxing and Kickboxing join the kickboxing fraternity. They are the first educational institution in Singapore to affiliate with our federation and incorporate kickboxing into their curriculum. Southpaw has a very strong curriculum which we can strengthen further by providing our capabilities, knowledge and expertise. This great synergy creates the potential to develop the sport further.

One of KFS’ core focus is on the youth, to provide access to the sport of kickboxing, whether recreational or competitive, and Southpaw Boxing and Kickboxing at UWCSEA East is the perfect place to start. Aside from the physical benefits of kickboxing, important soft skills such as respect, integrity and resilience, which will benefit the students of Southpaw greatly.”

In addition, this affiliation will create a pathway for aspiring athletes from Southpaw to pursue their sporting endeavours towards a higher level, at national and even international level.”

Statement from Mr Jason Lim, President of KFS

Kickboxing Federation of Singapore President Jason Lim

How can I be part of the Southpaw family?

Students may sign up to the Southpaw Boxing and Kickboxing activity through the usual activities sign up process. For parents wanting to improve their fitness and learn either boxing or kickboxing please email Coach Sul at