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Innovation@East in a year

By Innovation@East, East Campus
10 May 2022


We should pursue meaningful innovation wherever we can.  The trick is in the word ‘meaningful’ – because of course in any marketplace of ideas there are some that are not worth following. 

Nick Alchin, UWCSEA East Head of Campus


As we reach the one year mark of the roll out of the UWCSEA Foundation sponsored Innovation@EAST programme on theUWCSEA East Campus, we thought it might be interesting and useful to find out a little more about the projects and work the students have been undertaking under the leadership of John Zobrist. In the link is the Innovation@EAST website which details key areas of work that have created opportunities for students to explore and develop an innovator's mindset outside of the classroom, whilst keeping the UWC Mission at the forefront of their thinking.


The range of projects have included; programming, coding, mechatronics, robotics, architecture and industrial design solutions guided by the Sustainable Development Goals framework.  Innovation@EAST has made connections with industry partners including the James Dyson Foundation, Hyundai Kia Motor Group, Bernina and many others. Innovation@EAST through John’s leadership has supported many students in their endeavours towards entering competitions and challenges both locally and internationally, many of the participants also receive mentorship from the Innovation@EAST connected leaders in industry. Current key projects include a  High School level ‘Summer’ break Hackathlon with Hyundai Kia Motor Group and Rhode island School of Design, a variety of workshops and challenges organised by Robotics Innovation Challenge supported by NUS, The Great Lunar Expedition for Everyone (GLEE) Competition, AGoogle Data Centre supported  Lego robotics for our service partners and various R&D challenges. Through the Innovation@EAST programme, many other activities and challenges such as Project Zero have been provided intentional and structured support in areas of 21st century learning, the programme has been able to  ignite passion and energy for creativity and entrepreneurship.

Infographic for UWCSEA East Innovation

John’s leadership, passion and energy have been instrumental in achieving the successes of the Innobvation@EAST programme  but in June he will be leaving us  to move to Japan in order to replicate the work initiated here at UWCSEA East. We are excited to announce a new leadership team, members of which have already contributed to the programme, to be the successors and with the strong foundations built by John Zobrist, the new team will expand the programme and carry it to the next level.  Matthew Weaver will take over as Head of Innovation with David Kann leading Programming and Coding and Tippy Zhu leading Data Science. We are very excited about this new leadership team who have a wealth of experience and the skill set to drive the programme forward.  

If you would like to know more about Innovation@EAST please reach out to