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Our community is a vibrant, truly international community of students, boarders, teachers, staff and parents. Our student body includes more than 85 nationalities and nearly 5,280 students across two campuses.

Staff and students alike are involved in pursuits across the five elements of the learning programme in an environment where they are encouraged to explore new interests and develop their passions. This stimulating atmosphere supports and challenges students, whether their interests lie in intellectual, artistic, athletic, service or leadership endeavours.

Key to any school is the quality of interactions between members of the community. UWCSEA believes that all interactions should be based on trust, honesty and mutual respect as we aspire to create a harmonious community in which all members are actively involved and work collaboratively to help the College achieve its mission and ambition.

The College serves the global community and is open to students of all backgrounds who meet our entrance criteria. In keeping with Kurt Hahn’s aspirations, we bring together a rich diversity of cultures and promote intercultural understanding through shared life experiences and cooperative and collaborative living.

Our alumni span 110 countries (that we know of!) and remain connected to the College through their commitment to the UWC mission and values.

Please explore these pages to learn more about how each member of the community has a unique role to play, and a supportive group of peers and leaders who provide an environment in which our students thrive.

UWCSEA Community student numbers, nationalities and languages