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Tilson Crew

Former Primary School Vice Principal (Grades 4-5), UWCSEA East

Tilson was the Vice Principal of the Primary School for Grade 4 and 5. She joined UWCSEA East as the Primary School Mathematics Coach in 2012 after nearly 20 years teaching children and leading learning in the United States and Germany.

Tilson feels a congruency with UWC’s holistic learning and her strong beliefs about educating students to find identity, meaning and purpose. Further, she considers the relationships between students, parents and teachers to be integral to the success of a school community.

She and her husband, Randy, have four children, three of whom are currently pursuing university degrees. Mary Bowen, the youngest, was a student at UWCSEA East

Tilson holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Arts in Education, Administration and Supervision. Her interests include cooking, camping, exercise and travel.

Tilson Crew


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