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Seán McHugh

Former Digital Literacy Coordinator and Assistant Houseparent

Seán's teaching experiences span over 20 years; in London, Malaysia and since 2001 in Singapore as as one of the Digital Literacy Coaches at UWCSEA's Dover Campus. His role is to facilitate activities, both formal and informal, within a range of contexts and involving a variety of participants, which contribute to enhanced teacher understanding and practice involving digital technologies to support learning and teaching.

Seán McHugh


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Student writing

Angela Erikson, Head of Middle School English, Dover Campus 
Dr Frazer Cairns, Former Head of Dover Campus
Seán McHugh, ICT Integrator and K-12 Digital Literacy Coach, Dover Campus

To hand write or to type? How can schools balance the rise of digital technology with evidence that handwriting could be better for learning?

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