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Gary Seston

Former High School Vice Principal, UWCSEA Dover

Gary joined the College in 1984 as a Biology teacher and held a variety of positions of responsibility in both academic and pastoral sections before leaving to become Deputy Head of a school in southern Spain with the brief to act as a catalyst for change and to re-engineer the school's ethos. There he engaged in an ambitious project to implement an innovative holistic curriculum centred on independent student learning. He also successfully coordinated the school's IB authorization and CIS accreditation before returning to the College in 2008 to take up his current position.

A graduate of York University (BA Hons 1st) and post-graduate of Exeter University (PGCE), and intent on understanding all facets of education, Gary pursued a broad spectrum of teaching experiences in his early career by taking positions in greatly varied schools within UK including Exmouth Community School, Stockton on Tees comprehensive and Harrogate Grammar School before moving further afield to Singapore. He has also worked as an IBEX examiner, curriculum developer with the IBO and as an educational consultant and author with both Hodder Murray Publishers and Oxford Press.

Gary is a keen racket sportsman, outdoor enthusiast, naturalist, angler and self-confessed addict of family life. He and his wife Mel, a Singaporean, have a son, Adam, who is currently serving his second year as an officer in the Singapore National Service.

Gary Seston



UWCSEA works with families and boys to prepare students for National Service enlistment.

Gary Seston, High School Vice Principal, Dover Campus
Molly Fassbender, Communications and Marketing Executive, UWCSEA Foundation

How UWCSEA works with families and boys to prepare students for National Service enlistment and supports them through their univeristy applications after.

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