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The UWCSEA Nominee Programme (UNP) offers corporate subscribers the flexibility to secure a place at UWCSEA for the qualified children of their staff.

A small number of places in each grade are available to UNP-sponsored students who meet our Admissions Policy, including but not limited to entrance criteria applicable at the time of nominating. Applications can be made through either the general admissions process or via the UNP in any given year, but not both. If a general admission is unsuccessful, the student cannot then be nominated as a UNP candidate for the same academic year.

Funds from the UNP have enabled UWCSEA to initiate a number of programmes including: increasing the number of scholarships, contributing to building the East Campus, providing teaching staff with outstanding professional development opportunities and building an endowment fund.

Please see the attached brochures and forms which outline full details of the UNP.


Overview of the UNP
Cost of a UNP subscription

SGD$225,000 (plus GST) for a single place (Dover or East Campus)

The ‘pre-screening’ option allows prospective subscribers to determine whether the child they are nominating meets the entry criteria before committing to a UNP subscription.

Deposit A subscription deposit of SGD$10,000 (plus GST) per place is required at the time of application to the UNP.
Eligibility Corporations only.
Validity Eight academic years of continuous use or 12 academic years with breaks in use.
Entry criteria Students nominated through the UNP are required to meet the same Admissions Policy as all other candidates, including but not limited to entrance criteria applicable at the time of nominating

UNP places cannot be sold, traded, bartered or transferred.

Deadline for August entry

K1 - Grade 8 applicants nominated by a potential or current Corporate Subscriber must apply by 1 April .

K1 - Grade 8 applications received after 1 April may be placed at the top of the application roll and may be offered a place as and when a leaver place becomes available.

For students applying for Grade 9, Grade 10 FIB and Grade 11 entry, nominations must be in by 31 January to allow for on-campus testing and interviews.

For more information, contact

Jon Parr
Director of Corporate Relations and Stewardship
T +65 6419 9352

How do I get more information?

Contact Jon Parr,
Director of Corporate Relations

  1. T + 65 6419 9352
UNP information and forms
UNP Executive Summary
Guide to the UNP for subscribers
UNP Terms and Conditions
UNP Agreement Form
UNP Nominee Registration Form
UNP Withdrawal Form